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Covid-19 update

I am still seeing clients face to face,  whilst maintaining  the social distancing requirements. Telephone and online therapy is available if you prefer this way of connecting. 

As the world is changing around us, engage is self- compassion - you are doing your best to adjust.  

Online Counselling now available

Why Summerglen Counselling?

Clients who come to Summerglen Counselling are committed to finding out how to make a positive difference in their lives, enjoy a greater sense of well being and gain a renewed awareness of their strengths and experience.

One of the benefits of counselling is being able to discuss a problem with someone who is not involved. Whatever you discuss is private and confidential.   Your counsellor has no agenda and therefore can listen to you impartially.  

During your counselling session you can explore issues from a variety of angles, gain new perspectives and even challenge your thinking about something you always considered a certain way.

The aim is to find out the facts, identify what obstacles might be present, and discover your strengths and resilience to deal with the issues.   Then, together with your therapist, you decide on a plan/strategy or solution that you feel is the best for you.

Go at your own pace

Set your appointment dates and times to fit with your schedule

Online Counselling

Online Counselling provides flexibility, no travelling to appointments, and is private & confidential

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Call 0416 036 846 to book your appointment time

Expand your interests

The process of therapy often introduces you to new perspectives and subjects you hadn’t been aware of before

Join a group

Group Facilitation is available for you and your colleagues or friends. Form a group to discuss a subject of interest over time.

Improve Relationships

Relationships rely on communication, confidence, and the ability to interact with others. If you have concerns about a relationship, get some support.

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