Workplace Relationships

Building happy and productive work relationships

Interacting with colleagues

How we conduct ourselves at work is fascinating in that we can feel friendly, helpful to others or reclusive, preferring to just do the job and leave as soon as we can. How we choose to behave invariably influences others we work with. We can meet all sorts of different people at work, some we really like and others we don't.

Its ok when it all goes smoothly

We get the chance to find out if we are popular and are able to interact with others easily or find ourselves very shy and insecure.

Some we work with are kind and helpful, always friendly and available if we need a hand. They share their funny stories and the atmosphere is relaxed and supportive.

Our working day runs smoothly when they are working along side. So, even if we are  new to the job/organization we feel accepted and supported - able to ask for help and direction easily.                   

But what if it is all going wrong?

If our experience is the complete opposite to this, it can be very stressful and when we are stressed, we can feel really trapped and unsure about everything.

Our competence and confidence gets a battering. So, it's not easy when we find ourselves really stressed to think or consider solutions.

Are you contributing to your own stress?

A useful beginning is to think  how we might be contributing to our stressful state. Some questions we might ask ourselves are:    

  • Do we always expect others to know we need help
  • Do we tend to isolate ourselves and not join in with the group of team
  • Do we react negatively when we are told to do something
  • Do we find ourselves always complaining  

These are just a few suggestions that might not apply, but are worth a thought!  

Getting Support

If you would like some help with a workplace issue, make an appointment and get some necessary support, so going to work becomes a pleasure rather than a dread.               

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