Workplace Solutions

Professional Supervision

Summerglen counselling can provide professional supervision either for individuals or small groups.

What is supervision?

It is a safe place where staff and management take their professional issues or case load for debriefing, sharing and/or to discuss, so they can find other possibilities and/or interventions. Whereas counselling is about the exploration of the individual’s personal issues and their affect on self and significant others.

A significant benefit of supervision is the ability to receive immediate feedback, support, guidance and encouragement which nurtures a sense of achievement and confidence in one’s ability.

Receiving supervision contributes significantly to reducing emotional exhaustion amongst staff and assists in the development of professional judgement and growth. It is a planned time held on a regular basis for staff to share and discuss their professional concerns, ideas and interventions in a structured manner.


Summerglen Counselling can provide mediation to resolve disputes.

What is mediation?

Mediation is a process whereby a mediator, who is a neutral person, assists parties involved in a dispute to identify the issues which are disputed, to voice their needs and concerns and to consider alternative options in order to try and reach an agreement and reduce conflict.

The mediator remains impartial at all times and has no vested interest in determining the outcome or process of the mediation. Mediation is a useful process in workplace or relationship disputes, as it enables both parties to work together to find a workable agreement.

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