Workplace Issues

Employer Issues

Increasing pressure in the workplace is leading to a high level of workplace stress for many employees. Some of these pressures and demands have been identified as:

EAP counselling helps reduce the incidence of absenteeism and assists employees to gain a renewed commitment to the organisation.

Employee Issues

Employees experiencing high levels of workplace stress can feel overworked, overwhelmed and have a sense of loosing control.

Invariably, low self esteem and a feeling of being useless to themselves, family and friends occurs. This results in loss of commitment, low moral, high absenteeism and disillusionment with the working environment.

Summerglen counselling can provide the individual with an opportunity to discuss their problem/s, identify how it is affecting their work, family and relationships, and together with the therapist, consider ways to reduce their stress, gain control and feel a sense of value once again.

This counselling service provides individuals with support during a difficult time and helps them regain confidence.

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Just a short note to say thankyou for providing such an invaluable service. Although I have a long way to go, it has enabled me to start living my life again.