How to make good decisions


Making decisions is a challenge we all face. Some decisions are fairly easy, like what should I eat next, or will this look okay if I wear it today.

But, some decisions are more complex and much harder to make or decide, like leaving a relationship, changing one's job, or moving house.

Factors that influence a decision are:

  • the level of confidence one has
  • the knowledge that good decisions have been made in the past
  • how it will affect others
  • what to do first


But, if mistakes have been made in the past which left a feeling of guilt, regret and/or anxiety. The decision is much harder to deal with.

Should this be the case, the next time a decision is to be made, it maybe left to the last minute, so it's all a bit hit and miss.

However, take heart, everyone makes mistakes at some point.

If you are wrestling with a difficult decision, make a list of the positive factors and then make a list of the negatives. Then check out your two lists. Which list is the longest, the positive or the negative. This exercise may help clarify what is actually to be considered. Also, think about a contingency plan to use if the decision doesn't work out, so  it's all not dependent on this one decision.

If it's a question of confidence, then give yourself a little compassion and tolerance. Acknowledge that you are trying and there are times when it's all a bit difficult to manage.

Finding someone to talk to about what to decide will often help,

because you can get an objective perspective about the issue that isn't always apparent when  you feel a bit stuck.




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